Drake - More Life

Drake - More Life


The wait is officially over as Drake just dropped his much talked-about album More Life. Billed as a playlist rather than a traditional full-length record, the project comes now without a few months long delay. Preceded by the Boy Meets World Tour, the project is facing enormous expectations from fans and critics. Be sure to give it a listen below. Featuring Giggs, Skepta, 2 Chainz, Quavo of Migos, Young Thug, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kanye West and others.

  1. Free Smoke
  2. No Long Talk (Ft. Giggs)
  3. Passionfruit
  4. Jorja Interlude
  5. Get It Together (Ft. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith)
  6. Madiba Riddim
  7. Blem
  8. 4422 (Ft. Sampha)
  9. Gyalchester
  10. Skepta Interlude (Ft. Skepta)
  11. Portland (Ft. Quavo & Travis Scott)
  12. Sacrifices (Ft. 2 Chainz & Young Thug)
  13. Nothings Into Somethings
  14. Teenage Fever
  15. KMT (Ft. Giggs)
  16. Lose You
  17. Can't Have Everything
  18. Glow (Ft. Kanye West)
  19. Since Way Back (Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR)
  20. Fake Love
  21. Ice Melts (Ft. Young Thug)
  22. Do Not Disturb
Comments: 120
  • Nino
    Shit sucks!
  • 28Th Svge
    Average. Even underground sounds better.
  • Drake Fanity
    Drake is still on top five
  • Samurai Sateen
    The fact that it's no longer on Viperial's top five proves that this album is category 5 bullshit
  • drizzy my dad
    Sacrifices and Can't Have Everything the best songs on the album #facts
  • Xxxtentation
    All person listen drale all the fuck off ff band of bitch loookk at meee fuck ovo fuck drake
  • Xxxtentation
    All person listen drale all the fuck off ff band of bitch loookk at meee fuck ovo fuck drake
  • vlorianh
    That song No Long Talk Ft. Giggs is FIREEEEE!!!!!
    Fuck drake is a pussy nigga fuck KMT is a pure plagiat wore up guy drake is not a genuis #LOOK AT ME
  • King JME
    Just downloaded as blocker and it worked WOOOOOOP
  • shapudi
  • Tom Hanks
    you are the legend, son... [6ix]
  • Jennifer Lopez
    This nigga used me for a sample
  • drake
    Days before his 30th birthday and on the heels of Views’ record-breaking success in 2016, Drake announced that new music was on the way. The 6 God announced on the Oct. 23 episode of his Beats 1 OVO Sound radio show that he had an upcoming project titled More Life coming in December. According to Genius, the inspiration behind the title was the dancehall song “More Life” by Vybz Kartel, whom the MC has previously referred to as "an icon."
  • henry
    drake is the truth
  • drake african fan
    #DOPE !
  • Maske
    Drake is the best rapper and R&B singer alors fuck off band of pussy fuck meek milk ;)#drakeeldeake
  • Nicki Minaj
    Damn... why did I friendzone him?
  • Whatsapp +27738525735
    trash fuck all u nigga still suport this.#COMPTON FOR LIFE Dr Dre on top
  • Rihanna
    no wonder I left him
  • leek
    Hmu drake we gotta work on somthin frfr
  • jodeci
    Playlist from OVO Firm ...this playlist so the shit
  • Meek Mill
    Who's this fool tryna diss me and still using my name? Show yourself you coward and stop hiding behind Quentin lol. You bum ass licker. I bet if Drake fart on a track now you gonna tell me how its the best sounding fart you heard in a while. I know Drake going plat again with this one but Birdman the biggest winner. Hope he cut that Wayne check soon.
  • Drake
    Meek mill, how tf you gon say you threw his(meek mill) music in the garbage. But you named your self after him
  • Neyms
    Glow is the best song on the album
  • peter
    shit ya niggas gon hate its all good i mean truth to be told drake is the best he could rap and single so yall nigga fuck off and give nig a props
  • Meek Mill
    @meek mill I dumped your shit in the bin after back to back you trash ass nigga
  • Maska
    More life is the best unruly boss #teenagefever
  • Angel
  • Meek Mill
    The only song's that aren't utter garbage on here are the ones with features and Skepta's interlude. Go cop the Boss new album Rather You Than Me and toss this in the bin my nigga. Summer Seventeen.
  • 21 21
    Dis some gay shit
  • 21 21
    Dis some gay shit
  • @i_rockhard
    This is a mood album, depends on how you feeling at the time
  • Matariya
    Canadian One
  • John
    This album is dope... You all can say whatever you can say but he's still the best...
  • baillo
    Best album since 2015
  • Filet O Frizzy
    This way too soft
  • Thabo
    Wow..I only listened to the first 4 tracks and damn!!!! This album is dope...big ups to Drake. . And thanks for the upload.
  • drizzy
    Drake remains king
  • Grape Soda
    Dannnng dis shet Fire
  • Dalè
    Thanks for the upload
  • Zee
    This is pure gold champagnepapi always killin the game x
  • Loco
    This crap is trash
  • Drew @UncleBars
    Drake has always been number one.fuck your comments. props the nigga.
  • Drew @UncleBars
    Drake has always been number one.fuck your comments. props the niggas
  • Drake
    wtf yall saying i aint never made a full rap album. there's always bound to be some deep shit.
  • Lil whatever
    Yo drake I hear more girly shit than real nigga shit, you should have dissed niggas on that playlist bru, one stone one hundred birds
  • 1st savage
    Drake killed it but some tracks lack savage they are too girly and gay...........just saying breeee
  • Lungani Mthethwa..
    More life + Rather you than me .. Got these two albums Nd they a lit .. Black coffee, proudly south african ..
  • Logan
  • Maska
    Teenage fever me fait penser to fire and desire wednesday night interlude (feat. partynextdoor) and wus good / curious 6/6
  • Ohnawson
    Why won't this shit play for me?
  • :3
  • s/c
    yes it is working
  • jon
    download link doesn't work??
  • Sheperd is gay af
    @sheperd please shut yo ass up you fucking retard. You probably listen to trash anyways.
  • Ha ha ha is gay
    @ha ha ha shut yo ass up you soumd stupid.
  • anal rape
    would of been awesome if he waited till meek mill drops his album and the same hour meek mill drops his album drake drops this
  • anal rape
    would of been awesome if he waited till meek mill drops his album and the same hour meek mill drops his album drake drops this
  • Vlad
    lol! Eazy E. hey! Williams leave us alone.
  • Eazy E
    I'm listing to more life and every body in heaven says its the best album of 2017...period.
  • VicGreal
    No future why?
  • L.Mewtwo
    6God on point with this one
  • RawAllDay
    Drake got Young Thug' s hottest VERSE ever on "More Life". This is the 2nd album by the "New" Drake (1st as "New" Drake on "Views") and I must say.... it's new and different. The songs I didn't like From the first listen will likely grow on me. "Take Care", "Nothing was the Same" and "If Your Reading This it's Too Late" are his best. This is in his top 4. "Teenage Fever" is that next "Sleeper Banger" 8.5/10
  • xQSK
    where is two birds one stone and sneakin
  • bless_forever
    another classic from the goat
  • My name
    Wait,is Teenage Fever a cover of JLo's If you had my love? Lmao he got hooked on her good time
  • BlueCoffee
    My Brother Be On One Of The Tracks!!! Taking South African House Music To Another Level! !!!
  • Drake
    Thank you all
  • efaj khan
    drake is a goat
  • Maska
    It's a pity I expected has a feat with majid jordan, metro boomin or dvsn but it doesn't matter the playlist remains magnificent My favorite track: Teenage fever,4432,blem but i luv the beat ,skepta interlude,mamba riddim, kmt (feat giggs),not long talk (feat giggs),do not disturb,fake love,lose you ,ice melts (feat young thug),passionfruit all track is beautiful this playlist is the best of my life
  • Vlad KYS
    Vlad go kill yourself, bruh. You ain't the music nerd, go off yourself.
  • 100 Savage
    Fire Fire Fire
  • Vlad
    Just went through all the comments.. Drake just found a unique style in his music. and the truth is "it's not for everyone" so you don't have to like it. I think it's pretty good. he's just getting started though. MORE LIFE I love this site too. fan from day 1.
  • 6eight
    This album tbh is not better or even close to Views. There are 3-6 songs that are good out of 22. This album will be forgotten.
  • Joseph To'omalatai
    O ai gi kou kae kou ufa kua kou gaoi kele lol
  • travis scott
    this albums is very very hot
  • I love this page
    thank you so much you have no idea how happy i am
    murder on the album thats not nice.PAPIKI...
  • My name
    Lit af,love it
  • garbage
  • seki
    Bless up Drizzy..... Young Thug is the shit.. playlist on repeat
  • JLo
    Why u lying about drunk texting me?
  • Imonikhe05
    Another RnB album...
  • Ezzy
    Who's better than Drake though!? Nobody!!!!!!!!!!
  • Young KysH
    its lit
    If it wasn't for Young Thug I wouldn't be here. thanks Jeffery for sounding clear. you killed both, 2Chainz and Drake himself. he must focus on singing. thanks again
  • JAY
  • deadthat
    Thank You much respect.
  • Alicia
    What's the password?
  • Ha ha ha
    This is true garbage and he neva wrote nun of that shit it makes u wonder this would be really trash if he wrote sum of that shit
  • macdee
    I love the album
  • Sheperd
    I knew this was going to be another Views. Straight garbage.
  • fire flame
    drake the boss ,6 for life
  • No sht
  • Maska
    I dreamin with teenager fever
  • Terry
    Been a fan of this site going on 10 years the BEST!
  • Chris
    this playlist is FIIRRRREEE!! but where is sneakin & two birds one stone at?
  • Maska
    I fuckin luv you this is the playlist of my life
  • Ac
  • 4OVO1ANNY6
  • skankhunt42
    This is why i have never told anyone about this site, the less people that know the better.
  • Jamie
    Where do u go on zippyshare to get the whole album
  • Hip Hop
    This is Itunes Version (256kbps). I hope they upload 320kbps version once it's been released.
  • More Life Fam
    The album is CDQ and I'm happy to say Drake is blessing my ears. The album is Great.
  • Nando
    Love this website hope no one finds it
  • real talk
    This is just pure genuis worth the wait!!!
  • Prince
    Is this CDQ or Radio rip ?
  • kj
    link didn't even work smh is this cdq too?
  • beliven
    Thanx for more life
  • Me
  • kj
    isn't there more songs it still playing rn
  • X man
    Is it radio rip still or cdq?
  • Its Lit
    Download is working dawg
  • Your name
    Is the download link working and is it the radio rip?
  • dis shit wak
    dis shit wak
  • Liars
    No Link Yet MaFuckers
  • Teezy_Tha_Kid
    I'm the first nigga to download More Life on Viperial! it's Lit
  • Legendary
    Drake really lighting this bitch up. AND he got Young Thug to do his first ever good verse. #MoreLife
  • chill
    First lul
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